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Kennel Services

Dog Boarding

Our main focus is boarding dogs for when people go away off island. We have 33 kennels in our building ranging from standard to large size. We ensure that each dog staying with us is accommodated in an appropriate sized kennel.
Subject to availability.

Day Care

Due to the high demand for boarding we cannot offer regular day care but we are happy to accommodate your dogs if you need us and if we have availability.

Trial Boarding

We understand that kennels can be a very new experience for a lot of dogs so we offer trials before they are due to stay with us.

We offer half days and day care for those not sure how their dogs will be in a kennel environment.
Subject to availability.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 7.30am – 12pm & 2pm – 6pm
Bank Holidays: 8am – 11am & 3pm – 5pm

Latest drop off / Collection: 5.30pm

Fitness & SocialisingExercise

Part of our service is to ensure that guests are exercised appropriately, with two forms of exercise guaranteed a day.

We tend to walk in the morning and enjoy supervised playtimes in the afternoon, where the social butterflies of the kennels can enjoy each others’ company, or enjoy one on one time with a member of staff.

Please tell us of any special requirements your dog may have i.e.: limited walking, personality traits, allergies, medication etc.



If you’d like your dog to have a bath whilst staying with us please let us know and we will be happy to provide this service.

We charge according to the size of dog. Please let us know of any allergies your dog might suffer from at time of booking.

What to Bring

Food & Treats
Bring enough food for your dog's stay plus extra in case of delays, And don't forget treats!
Leads, Harnesses & Collars
If your dog has a harness please bring it with you. We have plenty but for safety reasons we always walk our dogs on harnesses.
Beds & Bedding
Any bedding you wish to bring, all the usual bedding to keep your dog feeling secure and comfy
Any medication your dog may require, along with appropriate dosage instructions.
Toys, Coats & Jumpers
Feel free to bring any toys your dog would like as well as outdoor gear if they wear it.
Any special items
Anything to aid the daily routine that is done at home, such as face wipes, brushing etc.
Required Information
We do require proof of current vaccinations and ask every dog to be treated against fleas and have had their regular de-worming treatment.
Also Required
Every dog must have a collar on as this will help aid us in the kennel if the dog rushes to get past and by law dogs must have a tag with owners details on either a collar or harness.
kennels jersey food prep
Trained staff to prepare food and meds for your pet
jersey kennel for pack of dogs
More than one dog?

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